3 Ways to Deploy Office 365 ProPlus with VMware Workspace ONE

Updated 4/15/20VMware Workspace ONE supports many ways of deploying Office 365 on Windows 10, but it can often be confusing on which one is best. I’ve tried to summarize the Pros and Cons in a table. Method Pros Cons Office CSP – You don’t have to bother with downloading content or passing the configuration.xml to […]

How to Enable the New Intelligent Hub Catalog on Windows 10

Updated 7/27/20 – Several recent release have added support for more features: 2006 – Adds support for WS1 Access as an authentication source. This is required for the full “unified” catalog: Web Apps, SaaS Apps, Win32, and Horizon. 2005 – Hub services branding support After much waiting, the 20.03 console version of Workspace ONE finally […]

How to Enable BranchCache in Workspace ONE

One of key benefits of Modern Management is that you can get out of the “having to manage content” business. In traditional PCLM products, this can take a huge amount of time. Sure, I’ll admit that there can be an odd sense of satisfaction seeing your content distribute across hundreds or perhaps thousands of DPs […]

Workspace One Application Management for Win10 – How Rollback and Uninstall Works

Updated 8/6/20 to reflect more accurate behavior when retiring apps Workspace ONE app management (aka Software Distribution or SFD) has end-to-end lifecycle management of applications. This includes installation, upgrade, inventory, and uninstallation/rollback. The uninstall/rollback behavior is new to many admins, especially ones coming from traditional or “legacy “management platforms. This document will walk through how […]

Even more ways to deploy Kiosk mode with Workspace ONE!

In my last walk through video, I went through how to setup a basic multi-app kiosk PC using custom Kiosk XML. Since then, I’ve worked with other customers to deploy kiosk mode in a few different ways and so I’d like to summarize each in this blog. What is the difference between single-app mode and […]

Configuring Kiosk Mode on Windows 10 using a custom xml with Workspace ONE UEM

Configuring Kiosk mode on Windows 10 with Workspace ONE UEM is super simple. In this video, I’ll show how to turn any Windows 10 system into a VMware Horizon virtual desktop kiosk device. I’ll also address some recent use-case issues that are not discussed anywhere else, going step-by-step on the following topics: What Kiosk mode […]

How to re-provision a Dell Provisioning for Workspace ONE device

Today I wanted to show how you can re-provision a Dell device that was provisioned from the Dell factory (use the Dell provisioning for Workspace ONE service) after it has already been shipped either for demo or testing purposes. 1 – Enterprise Wipe First we need to initiate “Enterprise Wipe” from the console so that […]

How to run 64bit Powershell from 32bit Powershell with Workspace One Sensors

*Updated 2/25/20 Workspace ONE Sensors is an awesome new feature (released in WS1 console version 1904) that enables an admin to put together any Powershell script and use that as inventory data to build reports and even do automation with WS1 Intelligence. WS1 console version 1910 add 64 bit support so you can now choose […]

VMware WorkspaceONE Auto Enrollment with MDT

This blog post will detail how to automatically enroll a Windows 10 system into VMware WorkspaceONE that has been newly imaged with an MDT task sequence. Prep Grab the staging account credentials from Groups & Settings –> All Settings –> Devices & Users –> Windows –> Window Desktop –> Staging & Provisioning. Grab the “UPN” […]

How to Deploy a PowerShell Script with Workspace ONE

There are a number of ways to deploy a PowerShell script with Workspace ONE. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses and should be used accordingly. Let’s dig into Workspace ONE PowerShell. Method 1 – Product Provisioning Pros: A very simple way to deploy a basic script with some files No “detection criteria” to worry […]