How to Add PowerShell Active Directory Module to WinPE (MDT)

Do you need to query Active Directory during an MDT task sequence? Maybe it’s for checking the computer name to see if it already exists or maybe it’s to query OU information. I worked with a client recently that had this exact use case. In order to do this, we need to add the PowerShell […]

Imaging from the Cloud – How to setup Powershell Deployment Extension (PSD) for MDT with HTTPS

Johan, Mikael, Jordan and several others have built an awesome open source extension for MDT that enables imaging over the internet via HTTP/HTTPS. Even if you adopt modern management and modern deployment technologies like Autopilot, there are still times where you need a good bare metal process. This solution gives you a modern way to […]

How to run 64bit Powershell from 32bit Powershell with Workspace One Sensors

*Updated 2/25/20 Workspace ONE Sensors is an awesome new feature (released in WS1 console version 1904) that enables an admin to put together any Powershell script and use that as inventory data to build reports and even do automation with WS1 Intelligence. WS1 console version 1910 add 64 bit support so you can now choose […]

How to push Windows 10 in-place upgrade to home-office users

In this blog post, I will outline how to forcefully but elegantly upgrade remote systems to Windows 10 using SCCM task sequences. I will be using 3 task sequences working together to accomplish this. This process can also be used for clients on the LAN as well as for win10 feature upgrades. The main benefits […]

How to Deploy a PowerShell Script with Workspace ONE

There are a number of ways to deploy a PowerShell script with Workspace ONE. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses and should be used accordingly. Let’s dig into Workspace ONE PowerShell. Method 1 – Product Provisioning Pros: A very simple way to deploy a basic script with some files No “detection criteria” to worry […]